Print date: 02-06-2020. Product: Water Recycling Systems

Water Recycling Systems

Van Dijke’s Water Recycling Units: The perfect solution to create a (closed) recycling system  for easy handling your sludge, wash water and  organic material, without using chemical additives! This unit ensures you a hassle free control of your water and sludge discharge system.

Van Dijke Water Recycling Units will offer you a perfect solution, if you don’t have water ponds or even water is hard to get. The system is built-up from a Tare separator (separating soil/water), water filtration screen (removing organics) sludge discharge system and water and dirt/sludge loops.

Several components, just one system

Every washing line is different, so water recyling systems needs to fit into the total line too. Van Dijke has the experience in designing these systems, suitable for your own situation. In the past years, more and more growers (from South Africa, China, Canada and Europe) already benefits these innovative way of water recycling!

Key figures

– 100% ECO system, no (chemical) additives needed
– smart design, easy maintenance
– self contained system
– option for integrated water filtration screen
– several sizes available

Turn-key projects

The water recycling units will perfectly fit into your washingline. By applying this system, a minimum of fresh water will be needed. Van Dijke also develops complete turn key washing lines, including pumps, piping, washers, destoners, wet leaf removers, felt dryers etc.


  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Water Recycling Systems

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