About us

For more than 60 years Van Dijke Group is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing of innovative machines for washing carrots, potatoes and other root vegetable products. The family company has, because of years of experience, a total assortment of turnkey washing lines which we would like to tell you more about.

The start of Van Dijke Group

The family company started in 1960 in Sint Philipsland, led by Jan van Dijke. As a small, independent gladiol grower he gave his son Dim the motivation to create a rinsing machine for the bulb harvest. This resulted in a small company in mechanical engineering and the start of Van Dijke Group. At this moment the company is led by the third generation of Van Dijke’s, director Harm-Jan van Dijke. The company is still located in Sint Philipsland. After multiple extensions, Van Dijke has now a workplace of 2500 m3. Also the machines are shipped all over the world: both in the own region as in Canada, America, South-Africa, Asia, Australia and New-Zealand.

How does Van Dijke Group work?

Van Dijke would like to be your partner during the whole process: from the first idea until the final delivery and maintenance of your washing line. Van Dijke delivers complete turnkey washing lines, which means that the lines are ready to use when delivered at our customers. All machines can be used both independent as in a complete line. The choice is up to you, as our customer. Van Dijke would like to talk to you to get to know your wishes and needs. Based on that, we can come up with a fitting solution for your situation. Because of the years of experience of our engineers and mechanics, Van Dijke can always make a machine that fits your needs.

Wat makes Van Dijke Group unique?

With each project Van Dijke focuses on the three core values of the company:

  1. Excellent quality: Because of years of experience Van Dijke is specialized in developing innovative machines with good quality. Guaranteeing this quality is always a top priority.
  2. Extreme low water consumption: Worldwide there is more and more attention for water consumption. All machines are designed and developed with an extreme low water consumption. Compared to similar systems, they save up to 95% of water!
  3. Smart dirt removal system: With washing the products, a stream of dirt is released. Van Dijke designs, draws and integrates a smart way to process a dirt removal system in your washing line.
More about Van Dijke Group

Curious about the products that Van Dijke can make? In this folder with information we would like to give you a peek in the future of washing root vegetables with a Van Dijke washing line. The future is now!