Print date: 02-06-2020. Product: Presoak Unit

Presoak Unit

Van Dijke’s Pre-soak Units: the best way for pre-soaking your potatoes (or other root vegetable). An innovative XXL twin-auger system is used, helping removing dirt and get the best presoak action possible, yet treating your product gently!

This system offers you 3 functions in one: transporting produce, gently rubbing produce against eachoter and transporting the settled dirt to the end of the unit. Comparing to rod conveyor belts is this system easy to use, has low maintenance cost ans id less expensive.

Extreme low water consumption

By applying this innovative XXL twin-auger system in the Presoak Unit, only a miminum of water is required to presoak your product. Where other systems available uses multiple dump valves, this system only has one 6″ dump-valve on one side of the machine. The Twin-augers transport the product and settled dirt to the end of the unit. A shaft less cross-auger, installed underneath the outfeed conveyor will remove the settled dirt (sand/clay) to an knife valve, controlled by a timer function or water level function.

Floating debris remover

The Van Dijke presoak unit can be equipped with a floating debris remover, for removing the floating debris, like vines, corn stocks, etc.

Less maintenance, easy usage

The machine is smart-designed. This means that almost all driven parts are placed above the water level. To simplify maintenance, the machine is designed so that all important parts of the system can be easily reached.

Key features:

– Stainless steel or galvanised (or combination)
– gently product treatment
– extremely low water consumption
– self contained system
– several sizes available
– Very low power concusmption (7 kw)

Complete turnkey washing lines

This machine will perfectly fit into a complete Van Dijke washing line. Please contact Van Dijke for turn key projects, including washers, destoners, wet leaf removers, felt dryers, filtration screens, water recycling system and dirt handling systems.


  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit

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