Print date: 28-10-2021. Product: Presoak Unit

Presoak Unit

Van Dijke’s industrial pre-soak unit, type PSU1000, is used to pre-soak clay potatoes. In the unit, the potatoes will be completely soaked in water which ensures a perfect pre-soak action.

How dows the pre-soak unit work?

The unit is made with two parts, the main receiver and the pre-soak hopper.  The main receiver contains 1 of more augers, depending on the capacity, and this augers transport the potatoes from the input compartment through the machine towards the outfeed conveyer with constant speed. The augers are equipped with a VFD to preset the total pre-soak time, between 15 and 30 minutes. At the end of the pre-soak unit you can find a outfeed conveyer that will take care of the potatoes and transport them to the next machine of your washing line. Underneath the conveyer a smart dirt removal system is installed, based on a shaftless auger. This system takes the mud and soil to the side of the machine. At the end of this auger you find a a 6” knife valve with hydraulic of pneumatic actuator. This will flush automatically the settled dirt to a recycling unit or a pond.

The key features of the pre-soak unit:
  • Perfect pre-soak action for potatoes
  • Easy in maintenance because of the smart, industrial design
  • With an option for an integrated leaf remover
  • Including a smart dirt removal system
  • Guarantees a smooth and gentle product handling
Complete turnkey washing lines

This machine fits perfectly in a complete Van Dijke washing line with washers, destoners, leaf removers, felt dryers, filtration screens, water recycling system and dirt handling systems. Contact Van Dijke to learn more about the possibilities!


  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit
  • Presoak Unit

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