Print date: 26-02-2024. Product: Cascade Washer

Cascade Washer


Van Dijke’s Cascade Washer is used all over the world and is known as the best way to clean and wash your products! The power of this machine comes from the use of a very high water flow rate to achieve a perfect seperation of stones, rocks, lumps and other dirt from your product. The machine is smart-designed which means that almost all driven parts are above water level. All important parts of the system are easy to reach which makes this a very maintenance friendly machine.

How does the cascade washer work?

The washer is made of two parts, an receiving hopper and a settling tank. The products, like potatoes, carrots of other root vegetables, are brought into the hopper and will float. Because of the water flow, the rocks and clods will sink to the bottom and will settle down on the discharge conveyer. Then the water flow takes the products out of the funnel into the settling tank. In this tank, the remaining soil and sand will be separated and discharged through a valve.

The key features of the cascade washer:
  • Galvanized of stainless steel options.
  • Including adjustable water level for the best washing result.
  • Extremely low water consumption
  • The products are threated gently to prevent damage.
  • Including an adjustable seperation process
  • Available in several sizes and capacities.


  • Cascade Washer
  • Cascade Washer
  • Cascade Washer
  • Cascade Washer
  • Cascade Washer

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