Print date: 28-10-2021. Product: Potato Felt Dryer

Potato Felt Dryer

Van Dijke’s Felt Dryer Unit is designed to removing remaining surface-moisture from potatoes, without damaging the product. The Felt Dryer Unit is build up from stainless steel rollers, wrapped with absorbent felt sheets.

How does the Felt Dryer work?

The system is made of a lower rack of squeeze rollers, with underneath a rack of adjustable springs. This rack will put constant pressure on the drying rollers. Plastic scrapers are used for removing the excess water off the squeeze rolls. All the moisture is collected by using a drip plate which is equipped with a central discharge pipe to remove the moisture. The felt-rollers are equipped with a quick-release system and a smart chain-sprocket system. This makes the machine very easy in maintenance.

The key features of the Potato Felt Dryer:
  • Made with squeeze rollers to apply a constant and adjustable pressure on the absortbent rollers to remove excess water.
  • Quick release system for the felt-rollers
  • Including an integrated drip plate and central discharge pipe to collect water
  • Easy mounting because of the smart felt-sheet connection method
  • Available in several sizes and capacities.
Complete turnkey washing lines

This machine fits perfectly in a complete Van Dijke washing line with washers, destoners, leaf removers, felt dryers, filtration screens, water recycling system and dirt handling systems. Contact Van Dijke to learn more about the possibilities!


  • Potato Felt Dryer
  • Potato Felt Dryer
  • Potato Felt Dryer
  • Potato Felt Dryer
  • Potato Felt Dryer
  • Potato Felt Dryer
  • Potato Felt Dryer

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