Print date: 20-10-2020. Product: Wet Leaf Remover

Wet Leaf Remover

Van Dijke’s Wet Leaf Remover is designed to remove floating debris out of your product  like potatoes, carrots, and other rood vegetables, yet treating the product friendly.

How does the Wet Leaf Remover work?

These units are the perfect way to remove floating debris. The unit is build up from 2 compartiments: The infeed hopper (here the product enters the unit) will make the separation between your heavier product and leighter floating debris (like corn stocks, leafs, and other floating debris) from eachother. An integrated conveyor belt will transport the product out from the hopper to the next step in your washing line (f.e. an felt dryer, inspection table, boxer filler, etc.)

The second compartiment is for filtering the floating debris from the water. The water goes trough a special filtration screen-conveyor. The water enters a pump-hopper and after this pumped again to the main hopper. By applying this, a minimum of fresh water is required. This systems offers you the best way for getting rid of your corn stocks, leafs and other floating debris. Additionally an extra final rinse-bar can be installed, to give your product a final rinse.

The key features of the Wet Leaf Remover:

– Used for potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables
– Galvanized or stainless steel options
– Strong PU filtration belt, for perfect separation water/debris
– Easy maintenance
– Several sizes and capacity’s available, from 15 up to 75 ton/hour

Complete turn key washing lines

This machine will perfectly fit into a complete Van Dijke washing line. Please contact Van Dijke for turn key projects, including washers, destoners, wet leaf removers, felt dryers, filtration screens, water recycling system and dirt handling systems.


  • Wet Leaf Remover
  • Wet Leaf Remover
  • Wet Leaf Remover
  • Wet Leaf Remover
  • Wet Leaf Remover
  • Wet Leaf Remover
  • Wet Leaf Remover

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