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Aqua Grader

Van Dijke’s Aqua Grader sorts flower bulbs innovatively and exclusively! The Aqua Grader is very suitable for washing (lily)bulbs, shortening the roots and separating the (lily)bulbs in deliverable goods, sapling and residual roots.

How does the Aqua Grader work?

The (lily)bulbs are flushed in a rinse funnel, where they will end up on a roller sieve with the washing water. The sieve cuts the root residues from the bulbs with knives, which results in better processing. Then the (lily)bulbs are cleaned by using a brittle set and will leave the machine.

Aqua Grader 2.0

The first Aqua Grader was launched in 2006 and since then a lot of small changes have been made. After an unique collaboration between users, engineers and service engineers, they concluded that t total redesign was required. In 2016 two prototypes were built, after a long, intensive period. These two are successfully tested and finished. That was the start of the Aqua Grader 2.0!

This Aqua Grader is made in a way that makes maintenance very easy and that is unique for this machine. The most important aspect is that the vibrators of the sieves are placed on top. This makes maintenance and montage much easier but gives also the unique possibility to get an essential better vibration image. That is because they are places in the middle of the sieve bed. You can also adjust the vibration bed very easy which gives a the perfect finetuning.

Also there has been a lot of attention for the technic. There are bigger RVS bearings placed in the sorting rolls, which gives a higher quality and longer service time. Also there has been extra attention for making the machine leak proof. The older generations were known of leaking a lot of water. Now the RVS chute continues above the roller bed which limits leakage to a minimum.

The Aqua Grader is in 3 models available: the S1, S2 and S3 (with resp. 1, 2 and 3 sieves). Because of the modular built-op, there is a possibility to expand the Aqua Grader with more sieve units.

The result of the use of the Aqua Grader:
  • 20% less time is needed for processing the same quantity of bulbs
  • 25% to 30% less manpower is needed for processing the bulbs
  • Depending on the product, you need 20% less storage capacity.
  • The capacity of the Aqua Grader is, depending on the sort of (lily)bulbs, 1 to 1,5 ha per day (with 8 working hours in a day)
  • The transport costs are 20% to 25% lower
  • The end product is visually cleaner


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