Print date: 13-07-2020. Product: Eco washer

Eco washer

Van Dijke’s Drum Washers: the next generation in washing your potatoes!
This system is equipped with the latest technology currently available in
the field of washing, dirt removal and extremely low water consumption!
Extremely low fresh water consumption

The uniqueness of this drum washer is the extremely low water consumption:
this is accomplished by applying an auger system to remove the settled dirt in
the washer to a central discharge valve.

Self contained machine

The drum washer can be integrated with e.g. a rock and dirt separator and/or
other equipment to make it totally self contained. There are 3 main parameters
that are easy to adjust: the filling (load) of the drum with product, the water
level in the drum and the speed of the drum. For instance, when you lower the
waterlevel, increase the filling (load) and speed up the drum, a more vigorous
washing effect is achieved. By increasing the water level, you can achieve a
more gentle way of washing.

We welcome you to join us into the future of washing.
This future is now!

– gently product treatment
– smart design, easy maintenance
– option galvanising or stainless steel
– water level adjustable
– end discharge slide
– several sizes available


  • Eco washer
  • Eco washer
  • Eco washer
  • Eco washer
  • Eco washer
  • Eco washer
  • Eco washer

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