Print date: 30-09-2023. Product: Peeling Machine

Peeling Machine

Van Dijke’s Peeling Machine: for an optimal peeling result! Van Dijke developed a peeling machine for the peeling of bulb and root vegetables.

How does the Peeling Machine work?
The machine contains a peeling roller bed with different kinds of rolls with bronze ball bearing houses, combined with the adjustable spring pressure for optimal results! Besides that, the machine has a protective cover, adjustable sprinkle-installation and if required a drip system to keep the peeling rollers clean. There is an extra possibility by making an adjustable band on the peeling machine. Then the bulbs that are already counted, can be removed from the rollerbed. An other addition is a mobile discharge belt for dirt. This belt drains leaf- and carrot residues from under the machines. Besides that the machine has a stroke distribution of peeling rolls. By turning on the stroke distribution the rolls will rotate left further than right. That way the machine drains the dirt through the bed for a cleaner result.

3 kinds of peeling beds:
  • Steel/rubber: universal usable peeling bed
  • Rubber/rubber: usable for difficult peelable products like gladiolus
  • Steel/rubber with thin rolls: usable for tulips
Type products:

Type                                       R8/9  R11/12  R14/16  R18/20  R21/24

Length (mm)                         1300   1300     1300       1300       1300

Width (mm)                        950     1200    1400       1700       1850

Motor (kW)                             2.2      3.0        3.0           4.0          4.0

Weight (kg)                          460     585        710         850        1000

Breedte pelbed (mm)          550     800      1000       1300      1500

Min. invoerh.(mm)             1260   1260     1260       1260       1260

Max. invoerh. (mm)           1800    1800     1800      1800       1800


  • Peeling Machine
  • Peeling Machine
  • Peeling Machine
  • Peeling Machine
  • Peeling Machine
  • Peeling Machine
  • Peeling Machine

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