Print date: 29-11-2021. Product: Drumwasher


Van Dijke’s Drum Washer is the next generation in washing potatoes and bulbs. The system is equipped with the newest technologies concerning washing and dirt removal. Typical for this machine is the extreme low water use. The washer can be used as a ‘dry washer’ and as a ‘wet washer’.

How does the drum washer work?

The washer is made of a simple but solid construction with a perforated drum-shell. The front compartment contains a water inlet that prevents that clay or sand gets stuck in the compartment. A VFD controlled double drive with synchronized operating motors will prevent the drive-belts from slipping. Even after an emergency stop, the drum will start up easily again.

Underneath the drum you find a double shaftless auger with mechanical seal. This makes sure that the settled sandy soil and clay will go to two hydraulic operated 6” discharge knife-valves. This unique auger (placed in a half-pipe) is lined with a special synthetic material. The drum contains spiral shaped flights, so the product will be transported easily through the machine. In combination with the load and the speed of the drum, the type of washing can be adjusted easily. For instance, by lowering the water level, the filling is being increased and the drum will speed up, for a more powerful washing effect. By increasing the water level, you have a more gentle way of washing.

The key features of the drum washer:
  • From industrial quality and with adjustable water level
  • Guaranteed gentle treating of the product
  • The water consumption is unique and extremely low (from 2 m3 / hour)
  • Galvanized or stainless steel options (or a combination of both)
  • Including unique dirt removal system
  • Available in different sizes and capacities
Complete turnkey washing lines

This machine fits perfectly in a complete Van Dijke washing line with washers, destoners, leaf removers, felt dryers, filtration screens, water recycling system and dirt handling systems. Contact Van Dijke to learn more about the possibilities!


  • Drumwasher
  • Drumwasher
  • Drumwasher
  • Drumwasher

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